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tv   On the Money  NBC  November 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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hi, everyone welcome to on the money. i'm kelly evans in for becky quick. the turkey's eaten, the pumpkin pie devowers. now it's time to shop. what to buy and when. if you buy online will all that stuff get to you on time. the difficult job of hiring temporary companies are having a tough time. interest rates are on the rise, what does it mean for your retirement if you have money in a bond fun. turning an obsession into a business. how one woman's love of chicken salad turned into a tasty profit. >> i tried at every restaurant so i felt like a connoisseur. >> on the money starts right now. this is on the money, your money, your life. your future.
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is here, but you knew that already. it's vital to retailers, crucial for consumers and every changing in the way people shop. the numbers are staggering. more than 137 million people will shell out more than $655 billion. and that doesn't include cars and restaurants. it's make or break and that's our cover story today. black friday used to be the busiest shopping day of the year. that's starting to change. for the past two years, saturday before christmas the biggest shopping day. and the black friday rush is getting spread out. in addition to opening up on turkey day. some retailers started sales before thanksgiving. 21% of shoppers plan to hit sales on thanksgiving. 74% on black friday. 47% on saturday. another 24% on sunday. and online shopping keeps growing. 36% of consumers plan to check out the deals on cyber monday, e
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of total holiday sales, up from 7% in 2012. no matter how they shop, consumers plan to spend an average of $936 this holiday season. slightly down from last year but the second highest on record. that's good news for retailers. holiday sales make 20% of their yearly revenue. joining us now is the ceo of hudson's bay. that company owns retail brands including lord and taylor and sax. r us and has 30 years' experience in the retail industry. how important for you is black friday? >> black friday is still the super bowl of retailing. and even though it may be true that if you just look at the official day of friday, it's smaller than super saturday. so many retailers start on thursday night and add thursday night with friday it's the biggest event of the year.
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we know is constantly threatening current business models? >> online is certainly critical. it's transformational. but keep in mind all of the online businesses done with one company. isn't all amazon. a lot of it is comes through through the online arms of brick and mortar businesses. everyone is in on the internet and everybody enjoys it. we want to make sure the costmer can shop however she shop where she might look online decide what he wants and go to the store and get it. the online only guys opening store because they realize they need bricks and mortar. >> what about reaching those customers to tell them about the deals you have in store this year? >> do you do traditional newspaper advertising, text them, it is there an app? >> we take a 360 approach.
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newspaper, of course, newspaper readership is declining. if you don't put it in the newspaper you're in trouble because it's still an effective way of reaching the people who do get a newspaper. you have to be in the paper, you have to be on tv, radio. and of course, you have to be on social media, facebook and on google. and everywhere. the consumer, that's the way she is now. she's 360. she isn't so much thinking i'm buying this on mobile or in the store. she's thinking i want to buy a how am i going to get it? i'll get it in the store. maybe i'll get it and send it to my home. >> what are the hottest categories across your stores? >> you know, it's very interesting. at leisure is growing rapidly. >> still? >> still. denim has made a little bit of a comeback. there are interesting trends like the off the shoulder trend that have been helping in women's. one of the most fascinating
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women. men's is one of the most rapidly growing areas in apparel. men are taking a little more time and attention to what they wear. maybe it's the fact that work places are more casual and they can't show up wearing the same thing every day. >> question is back to the consumer, what do you think generally is the state of the consumer these days? >> we'll know a lot more after a few more days. we get through black friday and cyber monday period en all the forecast from the outside resources are that consumer spending is pretty good. we'll see. >> the middle class is hanging in there? >> that's what the data have shown looking backwards on consumer spending in the u.s. and canada. this is what all the forecasts seem to be saying. >> what about the high end at your sax stores? >> luxury has been struggling. one of the biggest factors is that with the dollar so strong international tourists aren't
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you're not seeing that. we'll see, things have a way of going in cycles. >> thank you for being here, and good luck with it all. getting that holiday package delivered to your door takes a lot of man power. e commerce are looking to add temporary workers and it's a job that's proving to be difficult. morgan brennan explains. >> reporter: the biggest employers the holidays mean hiring. ups h prospective employees at college sporting events. including a recent football game where attendees filled out applications. the shipping giant is hoping to hire more than 95,000 seasonal staffers to help handle the 700 million packages it expects to deliver between now and new year's eve. but with e commerce sales expected to again surge, and
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getting tougher to hire works. >> we have higher wages because of the increases competition. we need to remain competitive in the market to attract talent. >> reporter: ups is not the only company going on a hiring binge. amazon is looking to add 120,000 people and fedex 50,000. it's pushed weekly wages up higher. 4% last quarter for full time workers making $14 an hour. logistic hourly play to jump significantly for jobs tied to transportation and ware house. >> we're seeing wages increase by $1.50 to 3 an hour. >> reporter: companies are stressing the possibility that some positions could become permanent.
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position. >> reporter: with christmas weeks away, will it all be enough to get ware houses and stores fully staffed? as the holiday rush ramps up. and that is a crucial question, each year the holiday rush gets bigger and bigger. ups, the united states postal service expect to deliver 1.8 billion packages between now and the end of the year. that's a huge number. it represents a 20% increase over the projections we saw labor shortage in this industry as demand keeps growing and the economy keeps improving. >> reporter: many executives are pondering that question. we have a truck driver shortage, if you start to see shortages in ware houses for the seasonal rush you could see shipping costs go up.
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economy, uber, task rabbit and for that reason you have companies like ups that are offering flexible hours to get more folks in the door. >> morgan, thank you so much. up next we're on the money. interest rates are rising, what does it mean for you and your money? later we'll match the calendar with your shopping list. how to time your holiday gift purchases for the best deals. now, a look at how the stock
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now, here's a look at what's making news as we head into a new week on the money.
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jones industrial average closed above 19,000. it happened on tuesday of the holiday shortened week. some are calling it the trump rally on hopes of less financial regulation and faster economic group. the s&p 500 set a record. stocks continue to climb in the week. lots of people were out buying homes. it rose 2% from september. february of 2007 and well above expectations. there are challenges, though, to the housing market. including rising interest rates and shrinking inventories. and if you've noticed gas prices are falling again. you're right they're down to $2.20 on average nationwide. a drop of six cents over the last two weeks. san diego had the highest prices, tulsa the lowest. if you're saving for retirement and you've checked your bond funds lately you may be surprised to see their value
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have been rising, after years of steady growth for many of these bond funds the party might be over. what does it all mean? bob doll is chief strategist. thank you for joining us. what do you make of the increase we've seen in interest rates and what does it mean for people holding some of these bond funds? >> well, i think there are three reasons interest rates have become to move higher. one is economic growth it's been retail sales number. a very good strong durable goods number. the lowest unemployment claims for 44 years. the economy is doing better. inflations are beginning to move from very low to low. we have an election and it looks like we'll get pro growth policies. all of that has caused interest rates to move up about 100 basis points. 1% from very low levels to still
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higher. >> if you say they're probably heading higher because fundamentally things look pretty good, should people who own some of these bond funds be selling them? >> well, people have owned bond funds for a long period of time. they've had a wonderful ride. we've had a long term bull market in bonds. i think investors need to take a look at how much do i have allocated to bonds and maybe cut back a bit on some sort of rally we might get. >> what other proactive moves do you think people should make especially if they rely on income from stocks? >> seeking yield has been a wonderful activity for years. and it's beginning to backfire. my view is that while stocks have beaten bonds this will be the fifth calendar year in a row. it's because stocks have gone up but bonds have too. we'll probably get an environment where stocks go up
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>> another piece of this is that mortgage rates have gone up with interest rates. 30 year fixed mortgage is above 4%. will that climb higher, if so, what does it mean for the housing market? >> we have a pretty strong housing market in part because mortgage rates have been so low. we've got to keep our eye on that very carefully. i don't think we're in damage land yet. we could get there. >> a lot of moving parts, and these are exciting and perhaps a little bit startling times. bob, thank you for bob doll. up next, we're on the money from clothing to cruises to cars. we'll have the best times to buy to get the best deals. and later, poultry power, how one woman is cashing in on chicken salad.
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at your local mercedes-benz dealer. it's tough to get all the timing right during the holidays. when you're looking to buy, you can get the best deals. we have the senior consumer analyst at gas buddy. she's done the digging. you say timing is crucial. >> cyber monday is right in front of us. is the focus so much on the weekend or -- >> now we're looking ahead to a fresh new set of deals on cyber monday. that's an ideal to buy things like shoes, body products,
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spas offer the specials on the web. very attractive deals. i was talking to one of the guys from he said airfares will be particularly good on cyber monday. you'll see special deals, particularly to europe and to the caribbean. st. lucia sounds good. >> it's been chilly around here. what about the things to look for in early december? >> after thanksgiving, then you see the cookware go on sale. nobody wants to see a that goes on sale then. you also see champagne. demand does -- >> champagne? >> demand picks up this time of year. you'd think it's counterintuitive. you'll see deals of 15% to 20% off. you come in, buy stuff for your party and load up on beer and wine and other things. also, a very good time to buy wedding dresses in early december. if you got engaged want to buy a
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bridal shops are clearing out the existing inventory to make way for a new shipment. >> it's like the car dealer lots. >> very similar set up. you're talking maybe 70% off and for bridesmaids too. >> we're heading into middecember and the crunch is on. >> the crunch is on. this is the time in the two weeks leading up to christmas you want to buy toys. that's the sweet spot. for the best prices, you do. if you something super hot. jump in sooner rather than later. you see tools and hardware incentivized at that point and gift cards. you might see a $50 gift card for $40 or save 20% on larger increments. you see it across the retailers and restaurants. >> what about buying the car. >> such a good time, late december. i was talking to he was saying there's plenty of
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electric and hybrids. gas prices are go. that's good for consumers. but that doesn't sell these cars. you get like it for a very good price. late december, 26, 27, 28. haggle away. >> what are some of the other aggregators to help people. >> fat wallet has teamed up with it's become confusing following the sales whose got what at what price points. they joined forces to help you figure it out. you can buy directly from the app. so it's really helpful. this season is so confuse. >> we have downloading to do and some shopping. thank you so much. >> thanks, kelly. up next on the money, a look at the news for the week ahead. and how this s craving for chicken salad turned into a tasty profit.
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for guests go to our website, and follow us on twitter. here are the stories coming up that may impact your week. attention bosses, it's cyber monday, the online shopping deals might be a little distracting for people who look like they're hard at work. tuesday we'll get a report on the economy. wednesday we'll see how the consumer is doing with personal income and spending. and that night, the rockefeller
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thursday, october auto sales are released and friday we'll see how many jobs the economy created or lost with the closely watched job reports for november. we all may be stuffed from turkey, one woman is hoping her taste buds are craving something different, chicken. she created an entire restaurant franchise dedicated to chicken salad. she's not the only one obsessed with the dish. it's a story of inspiration during trying times. kate rogers joins us now with fell on hard times. to make ends meet she turned her passion for chicken salad into a recipe for success. take a look. in 2008, stay at home mom stacy brown all of a sudden found herself a single mom. trying to figure out how to support her three kids. she was obsessed with chicken salad and started a quest in her kitchen to perfect a recipe. >> i tried it at every restaurant it was offered. >> brown began selling her
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>> the phone was ringing off the hook. one day, the health department called and they let me know that it was illegal to sell anything that you have cooked in your home. and i had to make the decision whether i was going to go in a different direction or take the leap of faith and open a restaurant that only served chicken salad. >> she took the plunge opening up her first chicken salad chick restaurant in auburn alabama. >> it grew into three restaurants to k that turned into franchise requests. >> today brown has 62 locations across eight states, selling her 15 different styles of chicken salad fresh daily. the company has grown at an eye popping rate with more than $90 million in sales to date since 2014 and a three year growth rate of more than 6,000%. landing at number 37 on the inc. magazine list of the fastest growing companies in america.
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growth, expanding around the southeast and midwest. the motto she lives by. >> do not be scared of change. depend on it. so when things are good, don't take them for granted. because things will change. when things are bad, don't dwell on that because things will change. and it helps me keep everything in perspective. >> stacy definitely doesn't take things for granted today. she's she built and looks forward to expanding. >> i hope she expands in new york. what makes it different? >> when most people think of chicken salad, she's got 15 different flavor styles. one is like a buffalo chicken salad. another is like sweet and savory. all the different flavor profiles you never would have thought of, but she said she was chicken salad obsessed. she was on the quest to find the perfect recipe, found it and
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i sampled many of these and they were delicious. >> time for a road trip. thank you for bringing that to us. that's the show for today. thank you so much for joining us. next week e-mails. has the release of hacked e-mails from the rich and famous changed the way you communicate? each week, keep it right here, we are on the money, have a great one and we'll see you next
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on this saturday night. death of fidel castro. the passing of a dictator whose half century rule over cuba brought the world to the brink of nuclear war and forced generations of cubans to flee to america's shores. >>e joy by cuban-americans and the sta different reaction to the president and the president-elect. severe weather could mean a treacherous trip for those heading home after the long holiday weekend. and the digital front line. how google joined the fight against isis using their latest technology as a weapon. "nightly news" begins right now.


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